Fun Outdoor Activities for Your Canadian Vacation

Regardless of your ability, taste or preferences, Canada has some type of outdoor activity for you. What’s even better is that you don’t have to drive for days, or even hours, to find something amazing to do in the Canadian wilderness.

While the country is known for activities such as cross-country and downhill skiing, ice climbing and skating, there are other, warmer, activities to do as well. Hiking is a pretty big activity, as well as kayaking, cycling through the wine region and more. If you have plans to visit any part of Canada, you will find something that is appealing to you to do outdoors. Learn about some of the most popular activities and destinations for outdoor fun here.

Try Out Snowshoeing

Great for visitors of all ages, snowshoeing was once used by traders and trappers who were moving over the snow-covered land. Today, it is a type of winter recreation. You can find lightweight snowshoes for rent in the winter months, letting you explore the wilderness and get a bit of aerobic activity in. In fact, many winterized lodges and ski resorts offer this activity as part of their services.


Hot or cold, fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Canada. You can spend a day fishing in a glacier-fed, big-city river or a secluded lake that is surrounded by the mountains or a picturesque forest. You can even take a trip a bit further away and visit boreal forests where you can fish for pike and trout.

If you are visiting when it is colder outside, consider ice fishing. This is a great way to spend the Canadian winter. While you might not have access to the best Alaskan King Crab, there are more than a few accommodation options for top Canadian fishing if this is your cup of tea, and you will find that the level of comfort you have in your fishing hut is up to you – from bare essentials to living in luxury.

Climbing or Mountaineering

Are you searching for a bit more adventure for your Canadian adventure? If so, then consider becoming up close and personal friends with a mountain goat as you climb Mt. Norquay or Via ferrata. However, for those who are climbing pros, nothing beats the trek up the Canadian Rockies. The views from the peaks are truly breathtaking and something everyone should experience at least once in life. You can even find climbing classes throughout the region for those who want to climb, but may be a bit nervous about this new experience.

When it comes to outdoor activities in Canada, your options are virtually endless. You can skate on ice-covered ponds, canoe or kayak down beautiful calm pools and enjoy everything in between. You will find that when you implement some of the experiences here into your trip, you can’t beat the experience and it will be one you want to have time and time again.

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